How To Order

Order via Tokopedia

We are developing order feature in our website, in the meantime you can order our products from Tokopedia. 

Click Order Now menu, and it will direct you to our tokopedia page. If you are not familiar with the order procedure from Tokopedia, you can read the instructions here

We will check the stock availability for your order and will confirm your order through Tokopedia.     

We highly recommend you to order via Tokopedia since it will be more convenience and easier for you to choose the payment method and track the order process.

Order via Phone/Email 

You can call us directly to our shop 022-2032213 to get faster response or you can also fill the order form in our website.

We will check the stock availability for your order and will confirm your order with the amount to be paid.

Once the payment is received, we will prepare and deliver your order.


Please note that our cookies is fragile and we cannot guarantee if there is any damage to our cookies during delivery process. However, we pack the product as safe as we can using bubble wrap and fragile sticker to make sure the carrier handle the product carefully.

Here are the carrier we usually use:

  • Gojek
    We use Gojek to deliver order in Bandung area. You can choose Go-Send option in Tokopedia or for order via phone/email, you can ask our help to book Go-Send. Delivery cost depends on your location, you can check the delivery cost directly from Gojek application
  • J&T Express
    We use J&T Express to deliver order to another city. J&T Express deliver the package directly to your address. You choose this carrier directly upon purchase in Tokopedia. For more information about this carrier please visit J&T Express website
  • X-Trans (Bekasi & Jakarta only)
    We deliver our product using X-Trans to the nearest X-Trans pooling from your location. Please note that you need to pick up at the X-Trans pooling as it would not be able to deliver directly to your location. Delivery cost is Rp 40.000 for the first kilogram and Rp 6.000 for the next kilogram. For more information of X-Trans pooling please visit official X-Trans website or call X-Trans Call Center (021-3150555).
    We will inform you the X-Trans receipt number and the detail after we place your order to X-Trans pooling in Bandung. Usually we will inform this to you using SMS or Whatsapp. Kindly use the receipt number to collect your order in X-Trans pooling accordingly.

We don't recommend any carriers that we never use before due to our fragile cookies texture, however it is optional.